School of Horsemanship
"The ears never lie..."  -Don Burt
Riding Lessons

The Paddock School of Horsemanship offers riding and jumping lessons for beginner through experienced riders. 
Leah Allert began The Paddock School of Horsemanship in 1967. Our focus is on good horsemanship and safety.
If you 
would like to observe a lesson, please contact Aynsley Allert to arrange for a time.

                                                                        School horse             Own horse          


Private Lesson                                                   $85.00                   $85.00

Semi-Private                                                      $60.00                   $45.00

Group Lesson                                                    $40.00                   $25.00
Practice Ride                                                      $40.00                   ---------
Jumping Lesson                                                 ---------                   $40.00

What to wear to class:

-All students are required to wear a riding helmet, which we can provide.
-Riding breeches or loose fitting pants to allow for flexibility and comfort.
-Shorts are not allowed.
-Riding boots or hard-soled shoes must be worn. No sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed.

Each camp has one or two assistant instructors working with Leah, and 
consists of no more than seven students, allowing for significant individual attention.

I'm from Cannon Falls, MN and called all over to find someone to teach my daughter, then 6 years old, to ride. 
My daughter had been asking for two years by then.  Not knowing anything myself about riding, it was important for
me to find someone who would teach all the necessary skills as well as all that is involved in maintaining a horse;
grooming, saddling, bridling, etc.  Many places I called were very eager to take my money with the attitude that for
$20  "I can get anyone in a saddle."  Safety above all else had and continues to be my upmost concern.  Leah, from
the first moment I met her, has been exactly what I was looking for; knowledgeable in all aspects of riding, caring for
 and teaching.  Her main concern has always been safety. 
When your small 60lb. child is on a 600l lb or more animal, I am totally at ease with Leah in charge!
Emily has enjoyed her camps enormously!  Leah Is always kind, patient and willing to teach and share her information.
Emily has seen a farrier trim hooves, has groomed, bridled and learned about feeding, etc. under Leah's care.  At all
times this has been safe and enjoyable.
I recommend her to anyone I meet - she makes horse riding a safe, enjoyable, and learning experience for anyone.
I continue to drive an hour one way to take my daughter in her classes - no one else compares."
-Michelle 2009
"I've been riding at The Paddock for ten years, and have enjoyed it immensely.  Leah has helped me develop
many skills other stables may have dismissed or considered unnecessary.  Leah has taught me every detail she knows
about horsemanship and continues to teach me more every day.  Another thing I've appreciated about The Paddock
is the measures taken for everyone's safety.  For Leah, safety has always been her first priority.  Overall, riding at
The Paddock these years has taught me countless things as well as being a fantastic experience and great times."  
-Amy 2009

 "When I moved to Rochester from Long Island, NY 11 years ago, I was anxious to find a place to ride.  With a new job
 and community to get used to, riding was the one thing that would be consistent in my life.  I remember calling
around to different barns and finding myself disappointed that there were very few truly "English" barns.  Then I
called the Paddock and spoke to Leah.  Her lessons were full at the time but told me to be patient as she knew she
would have an opening for me as soon as the winter set in.  She took the time to explain her riding philosophy and also
 to inquire about my riding history.  She also invited me out to the barn to watch lessons so I could get an idea of how
her program worked.  I decided to hold on for a few months to see if she really would call me back as I knew just from
talking to her that she was the kind of instructor I would get along with.  Over the years I rode at 7 different barns with
5 different instructors so by now I had a pretty good idea of the type of instructor I liked and the type I did not.  I could
tell Leah was the type that would keep me safe, acknowledge my fears as legitimate without ever making me feel
stupid and silly, and push me just enough to make me do what I knew I could do but was sometimes not able to make
myself do on my own.  Three months later she did call me and I was able to start in lessons.  Was I ever right about
my impression of her!  Now, here I am, 11 years later, still riding with her, having fulfilled my dream of finally owning
a horse and loving riding and horses even more than I did when I started riding at 11 years old.  Leah makes the
Paddock a very welcoming place and you feel like family, whether you are a boarder, an employee, or someone
who takes one lesson a week.  It is a great place to be and I look forward to Leah teaching my three year old son how
to ride one day! "  
-Kelley 2009
 Leah assisting a student.
"I don't help people with horse problems, I help horses with people problems."  -Nicholas Evans