School of Horsemanship

In 2011 we renovated all of our paddocks to provide a safe, secure environment for our boarders and school horses.  We did this by utilizing a combination of fencing material.  Our paddocks are constructed of electrobraid (polyester fiber), high tensile polyethylene covered wire which is white and black for visability, white oak 2x8 boards, and black rubberized belting fencing.  Below is a gallery of a few examples:

Stable, indoor arena, heated viewing room
Below is a gallery of a few of our cross-country jumps.

Outdoor arena

For the enjoyment of the students, as well as the horses, there are several well developed apple trees usually bearing a few different varieties of tasty apples.
 Outdoor arena
East pasture
West pasture.

South pasture.

"I have been riding at the Paddock for 10 years, and have enjoyed it immensely!"  -Amy

"There are many forms of riding.  The classical way, however, reaches back centuries and has proved to be the right one.  When following it, one realizes that it is a very open way of schooling. It is a wide road that accomodates every horse." 

-Elizabeth Furst