School of Horsemanship
Our barn is open to both experienced and non-experienced horse owners. 

All stalls are 10x12 of solid oak construction with sliding doors. 

-Every stall is well ventilated and has good lighting. 

-The stalls are cleaned every morning.
-Wash stall with endless hot water.
-Heated bathroom.

-Each stall has a clay floor base which is routinely maintained.

We use pelletized hardwood bedding. We have found this to be the best bedding for our stalls because it is highly absorbant and less dusty than wood shavings or saw dust. This
 bedding is very good at eliminating odor and expands to provides a wonderful cushion for the horses.

-During the spring, summer and fall months horses have access to pastures with fresh water. 

-During the winter months horses are in paddocks with shelter and water, and are stalled at night. 

-Horses are pastured in small, compatible groups which supports their psychological well being.


Horses are hand led for morning and evening feeding which allows us to check on the physical condition of each horse.


We feed the best available hand selected small hay bales to the horses. This insures consistent and good quality hay at each feeding. We do not feed round bales. For horses needing supplements, oral or topical medications that you provide, we will give them to your horse at no additional charge during regular feeding times.


Farrier and veterinarian services are available.


Our barn help is experienced, cheerful, and courteous.  We feel they are "jewels beyond price".

Please take a brief moment to read our
STABLE RULES which apply to all visitors, students, employees, and boarders. These rules help to insure a safe, clean facility for everyones' enjoyment.